Hi and Welcome

Rowena Hillier - I trained as:

Shamanic Practitioner

Therapeutic Counsellor

Practitioner in Reflexology


My counselling I am continue to offer phone consultations, Skype, Zoom or VSee consultations. 

I have now started my Shamanic work  outside on a 1-1 basis outside visiting a grove near the Castle in Okehampton, I also have run session on Skype and Zoom, please contact me if you are interested in any of these.

Take care out there, these times will pass, we all just need to work together/apart.


I am continuing to work as a counsellor by telephone or via video and this appears to work well for my clients but obviously when we are able to meet again I will continue to work both in Exeter and Okehampton.

Shamanic Healing

I am now able to offer this outside on a one to one basis. I meet clients in the car park for the Castle in Okehampton, from there we walk through the woods up across a road and then across some marsh lands before coming to an Oak Grove. Here I have been working with my clients with the trees and the land enabling them to get intouch with the spirits of this place. 

From one of my clients

Thank you Rowena for the shamanic one to one session with you yesterday. It was so special to be able to do this outdoors in the oak grove. I gained many insights and a deep feeling of inner peace and joy. I would highly recommend this to anyone especially at these stressful times. Thank you again and I really look forward to our next session.

 Re COVID 19

As from the end of last week I am now working from home and will not have any face to face contact with clients. However I am able to offer phone consultations, Skype or VSee consultations. Take care out there, these times will pass, we all just need to work together/apart. 


I live in Okehampton. I have two sons who have now both left home and are following their own paths. I am a Grandmother and have two delightful grandchildren who I enjoy spending time with.


I have been back in England since March 2014 initially I worked part time for CAMHS the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services as a Support Worker, however July 2019 I retired from this and now run my own therapy business in Exeter and Okehampton.

Where I offering Shamanic Healing, Reflexology and Therapeutic Counselling all of which I am qualified in.

I returned from Peru in 2014 having spent 6 months there as a volunteer for a charity working with children with special needs. At the end of my time as a volunteer I went on a tour of the sacred sites where we had ceremonies with the Paqo ( Peruvian Shaman). It was a great honour to meet and take part in these ceremonies which are part of the Inca Traditions and Wisdom.

My training as a counsellor was the catalyst for my interest in the Shamanic path. This interest grew through attending workshops and having shamanic healing for me. I wanted to learn more and undertook training with Eliana Harvey at Shamanka in Dorset on Healing and the Shamanic Arts. During this time I was presented with my shamanic name Wisdom Caller, for which I give thanks. After further training I received my Masters Certificate and I now part of the teaching team at Shamanka.

In 2015 I trained in reflexology and I am now a practitioner in this.

I work from my own therapy room in Okehampton.

I walk my talk, all my work is undertaken in a spiritual way, with intent, integrity, honour and respect.