Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanic Healing


Shamanism has been practised for thousands of years.

It offers us a simple and effective way to connect with the magic of the earth and shows us how to use the natural energies of the Sacred Circle of Life to empower our lives, promote healing, achieve our natural potential and access our inner strength.

As a Shamanic Practitioner I am able to re-connect you to the true you, helping and guiding you with areas of your life where there are blockages or patterns that no longer serve you, dispersing the dis-ease you feel within your body. Thus empowering and enabling you to move forward on your path on this earth.

This work is done by connecting with our power animals, spirit guides, helpers and the plant and mineral spirits.

Shamanic Arts


This takes you on an out of body experience, where you visit the spirit world for healing, connection, and information. This can be within the upper, middle, or lower world. Here you are able to meet your spirit guide, power animal, healer, and god or goddess receive information which you can then bring back and work with in this world.

Crystal Healing

This enables us to use the energies that the crystals posses to aid well being within us and the environment we live in. Crystals are called by the Native Peoples the ‘brain cell of grandmother earth,’ and I honour them in my work. They are used to cleanse and rebalance chakres, and in there own right during healing processes where their energies are transmuted and taken into ones body or a space that needs healing, they then have a profound healing effect upon the individual or the space.

Hands on Healing

This is a gentle, relaxing and uplifting process for you and can help the healer gain hidden knowledge of areas where there may be a problem needs extra healing or further exploration.

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss is where a part of your spirit is missing or disappeared. This leaves an emptiness, a hole in your energy field and can lead to mental, emotional or physical ailments. The soul retrieval process takes you on a journey; a quest to find that lost part of yourself and to bring this back to the present time. It helps you to reincorporate this into your present life making you feel whole again.

Shamanic Extraction

This is undertaken with someone who has unwanted spirit energies, these are removed and sent to a healing place and the person is then given shamanic healing. This type of extraction can also be done on buildings to allow stuck spirits to move on to a peaceful place.

Cutting of Ties

This is a technique that is used to cut inappropriate behaviour or relationships to someone or something. It cuts through the energetic link with that person or thing, freeing you both and enabling you both to move forward independently from each other.

Past Life

This is only undertaken when there is a real unexplained trauma, stress, ailment or persistent relationship difficult to explain, it is not done for curiosity. The timing has to be right from a karmic point of view. During this process you are taken back to a past life where you experienced this trauma and guided through this with a positive outcome, therefore leaving behind the negativity and changing that karmic pattern.

Illumination Process

This is a deep healing process that uses the ancient indigenous South American way to bring about empowerment and illumination on all levels to the client. It incorporates the use of the breath to enable the releasing of whatever may be hidden within the person, the healing process then follows with the illumination to the person.

Munay Ki Rites

There are 9 Munay Ki Rites which have been passed on to me and I am now able to pass these on to others who I am working with and are on the same path.

Despacho Ceremonies

These ceremonies which come from Peru are offerings to Pachamana (Mother Earth) and the Apus (Mountain Spirits) they are prayer bundles which are offered up to the spirits. They are made with many different items which are put into these packages and are then either burnt, buried or sent out to sea. These ceremonies are performed as offerings, thanksgivings to the spirits and can be done personally or for groups. I have done these ceremonies as a blessing for a wedding, after a death of a close friend, for thanks and as a prayer.


My prices for Shamanic Healing is £40 a session, the session usually last between 1-1 1/2 hours.