Shamanic Tools


These are called by the Native Peoples the ‘Brain cells of Mother Earth’ they hold individual energies, and therefore are used for their energies and the qualities that they possess.

They are used in space clearing, removal of unwanted energies and for their natural healing properties. 


Feathers from various birds are used within healing and ceremony. Some feathers are made into fans, for offering prayers to Great Spirit or for fanning the smudge used for cleansing. Different feathers evoke the energies of that particular bird eg. Swans feathers may help in the transformation process, Raven/Crow help bring the magic and mysteries into life while the Eagle takes prayers to heaven.



The drum is the shamans horse, it can not only be used to take you on your journey, but as a diagnostic tool, for cleansing, an aid to healing, in dance and ceremonies.


The pendulum is used for divining, it has the ability to answer simple yes and no questions it can also be used as an aid to unwind the chakras.


A prayer/ritual bundle that containing sacred and powerful stones that I work with and use within my healing sessions.  



Rattles are used to open and welcome in spirits to the sacred space. They are also used to diagnose and in the healing of an ailments. The rattles are very good to help disperse stuck or heavy energies, opening and closing of the chakras.


This is usually white sage although this can be a mixture of herbs which are burnt, and the smoke is used to cleanse and purify a space, a person or tools.  

 Chumpi Stones 

These are power stones from Peru which have been carved with a picture on them and different numbers of points from one to seven. These are used within ceremonies, for healing and balancing